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Established in Scotland in 2009, Acacia Development Associates Ltd provides policy analysis and advice on development to public, private and not-for-profit organisations working in Africa and elsewhere. Its founders, Jeremy and Marisa Astill-Brown, have lived and worked in Africa for over 20 years, building up extensive experience in countries and regions characterized by a complex environment in which understanding how things work and knowing who’s who are key to making a difference. They have worked with organisations such as the African Union, the United Nations and international NGOs, providing forward-thinking analysis as well as advice on strategic programme design and implementation in order to help their clients reach their goals.

Acacia Development Associates believes that sustainable development can be best achieved through:

• effective communication
• a thorough knowledge of national and international norms and best practice
• a deep-rooted understanding of the idiosyncrasies and cultural environment of each country and how this impacts on decision-making processes
• the timely delivery of solutions that are appropriate and practical on the ground.

Please contact us on ++44 1997 423 371 or by email to gro.nworb-llitsa|ada#gro.nworb-llitsa|ada

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