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Jeremy’s Biography


Jeremy Astill-Brown is an independent consultant specialising in security and development issues. He is a former British diplomat with a 22-year career serving the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), specialising in African politics. Jeremy's FCO career saw him serving in Uganda, Ethiopia, Angola and South Africa as well as travelling widely in Africa. Just before leaving the FCO, he worked as the UK Regional Conflict Adviser for the Horn of Africa (2003-2006) and Southern Africa (2006-2009) where he was responsible for the coordination of British Government security and development policy across the FCO, the Department of International Development and the Ministry of Defence. Since leaving the FCO and co-founding Acacia Development Associates Ltd, Jeremy has worked in a wide range of African countries, including Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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Marisa’s Biography

Marisa Astill-Brown is an independent consultant with experience in humanitarian/emergency and development situations. She has lived and worked in Uganda, Ethiopia, Angola, Mozambique and South Africa. During this time she has held senior management positions and worked as an independent consultant in complex political environments, including during and immediately after the Angolan conflict and in the chronic emergency situation of Mozambique in 2002. She has provided expert input at various levels, from civil society to international forums, helping to develop, shape and implement advocacy on issues ranging from food security and livelihoods to child rights and protection in Ethiopia, Angola and Mozambique.

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