20 August

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The development site is now underway and a rough first design is starting to take shape. Over the next few days I will put in a range of tools to demonstrate the functionality that was described in the Proposal document. Don't forget, if you decide not to go ahead with the site everything will be deleted - you are not committed to anything.

The restrictions on editing pages have temporarily been removed, so even though you do not yet have usernames and passwords you can access any page and try entering some text on a page and saving it. The instructions on creating a page and entering text are at Appendix A in the Proposal. If you want to put something into bold, or italics or underline it, highlight the text and then press the relevant button above the edit box. I will give much more detail on how to do things when I do the presentation. Don't worry about getting anything wrong: you can't break anything and all pages can revert to previous versions.

If you have any ideas for colours or photos to include in the theme before I do a presentation to you please let me know.

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