Mozambique - Balancing Development, Politics and Security

Author(s): Jeremy Astill-Brown and Markus Weimer
Date of publication: 22/09/2010
Synopsis: This paper was commissioned by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DfID) to help develop an improved understanding across the British government of the challenges posed to peace and security in Mozambique. It is designed primarily to contribute to the development of British government policy (and related influencing strategy) towards Mozambique, and to raise awareness of potential risks to the British government’s chosen approaches to the provision of development assistance. Although the paper is to a large extent informed by the 2006 Strategic Conflict Analysis – and indeed many of its findings are similar – its scope is significantly broader. It deals with issues of conflict but overall it takes the form of a political risk analysis focusing on the changing political and economic environment. As such it touches on issues of interest to the wider British government community, and proposes synergies between them and the development programme. The paper confines itself to higher strategic issues and offers a starting point for discussions across government for what action may be both possible and appropriate.

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